light painting with portraits


screen printing

job search

photography staff

the first job I’m in interested in is a photography staff i think i fit the qualifications of this job which is to take photos of the props they have. i would need to know how to do photography and know when i would be able yo help and or be great with working with people in that kind of situation


the second job I’m interested in is being a photographer

I don’t fit on of the qualifications because I haven’t done photography for a Minimum of 3 years and i dont have portfolio just yet  but i think i do fit the others.

I would have to continue doing photography and make a portfolio and i would have to make sure i take good pictures and edit them good

product photographer

the third and last job is being a product photographer

the only qualification(s) that there is , is to have a Work authorization which i don’t have so i dont qualify for it  because i dont have one

i would have to learn how to take and edit videos to be able to get this job


scavenger hunt




multiple exposure with flash


the reason i feel like gay people have no rights us because no matter how much they go through they’ll always be seen as sinners and they’ll burn in hell and they’ll always be denied of rights. in the image I’m trying to show that I’m not against  of gay marriage by showing the struggles they go through by being told  they cant marry who they don’t want to marry and being told they’ll be in hell. Nobody has influenced me. the flip side of this is people being against gay marriage. I could see why some people might not want gay marriage because of religion and etc. I choose my stand because I feel like everyone deserves rights no matter what they go through.  no i dont mean to offend anyone by making my artwork .


                               SENIOR PORTRAIT Session

                               double color exposure

                                 cut and paste collage

                 Mirror image





                                                             shallow depth of field



                                                                   into a starry might