Career Tree

The tree jobs that had caught my eye was artist Cimo photographer and an art director. The reason these jobs had caught my eyes is because I feel like these are going to be the jobs I had been interested in and I have always been into and I feel like I think id be happy and grateful to have these jobs. To me personally I would want to work here in Fontana California because I don’t think I want to work anywhere else then here


Fpr the artist I feel like I would be responsible to have clean polished work and to be able to paint for everyone on time and for the cimophotographer I would have to make sure the ios stays the same , don’t have shakey hands , make sure the videos comes out nice and crisp and I have to make sure everything is good and for the art director I would say what goes on in the artist does and to help them. For an artist I feel like my salary would be 15k a year. Cimographer would be 29k and I feel like an art director would be 220k a year

Currently a job that wasn’t on the list that I want to work as is an animator because it hads always been a passion of mine since I had been young

My favorite artist

Out of all the artist/photographers I couldn’t think of anyone except for one and the person I though of was Vincent van Gogh

The reason why Vincent van Gogh Is my favorite artist because he inspires me by the way he puts brush stokes onto his pieces and the way they all put together and just the way he talks about his kife whenever he would write to his younger brother Theo van Gogh . His technics  of painting is to me layering on top each other and him paying attention to the way he put his brush strokes together and I feel like he puts them on with love which I feel like it’s a speacil thing only he does and that I never seen before, he also takes inspo on some Japanese artwork in his own personal work and I think he mixes it up with his own style of painting. His style is visually pleasing to most people and his vasal style is a mix of colors

I don’t think van Gogh specialized in anything while painting I think he just did what he felt like painting and that’s something uniqe he only does and I’m glad he does his art like that because that’s how you would know that’s van Gogh himself and I love how some his panting’s visually show color and I think he just knows how to do a balance of it

this is one of the art works by Vincent van Gogh and I think this is one of the most important paintings from his life because I feel like the dead flowers can represent how his passion could be dyeing and I think think that’s why some of his paintings have dead flowers and i like that he shows his feelings into his work and that’s the style van Gogh had.